Digital Marketing for Beginners

Digital Marketing for Beginners

Digital marketing is the delivery of advert content through digital channels like websites, blogs, mobile applications, social media, and search engines.

It is a conscious effort to make your products and services known to as many people as possible, using digital avenues as stated above.

A digital marketer is one who does digital marketing is called a digital marketer. He or she has the responsibility of creating content around the product or service with the use of a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection. I also call them digital entrepreneurs.

It is called digital marketing because of the channel through which the marketing activities happen. The digital platforms also contribute to increasing the reach of the marketing content.

What is digital marketing all about?

Millions of people today make a lot of money selling products to millions of customers around the world, without leaving their rooms. That is what digital marketing entails.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown experience across the world did expose a lot of people to Digital marketing. This is because people will always have needs to satisfy. So, more buyers went online, saving their customers the inconvenience of physical shopping. For a lot, that experience is one they are not willing to go back on.

Aside from the owners of the products and services, digital marketing has also created a career path for affiliate marketers, who advertise and sell to interested customers for a commission. All these are done, using internet-enabled electronic channels.

However, before you can say you are a digital marketer, you must be prepared to offer solutions to the peculiar and identified problem. That way, you bring value and earn in the process.

Human wants are insurmountable. So, there is always something that someone wants to be sold to them. They could be tangible or intangible. You can then sell those products and services to them for a fee.

Elements of Digital Marketing 

Effective digital marketing is beyond having access to internet facilities and electronic gadgets. Getting the desired results requires a lot of strategizinghard work, and smart work.

·         Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

You can’t talk about digital marketing today without mentioning SEO. It is the arrangement of your marketing content in a way that increases your visibility as a brand online.

Search Engine Optimization can be likened to a technical setup that places your site above that of competitors when specific keywords are searched on search engines like GoogleYahooBing among others.

When your marketing content is SEO compliant, it attracts traffic to your site and business, as well as increases the possibility of your conversion rate.

With the use of identified keywords or phrases, your site becomes more visible, products or services, more popular, and the possibility of enjoying more patronage increases.

·         Pay-Per-Click. 

Also known as Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click advertising is an element of digital marketing that requires you as a business owner to pay for traffic.

When you employ this element, your adverts appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). These adverts are usually catchy, intending to divert the attention of internet users from whatever they are doing at the moment, to visit your site.

So, for every click that people click on those adverts, diverting them from other sites or blogs to yours, you pay. Hence, the name “Pay-Per-Click Advertisement”.

·         Social Media Marketing. 

This is probably the most popular aspect of digital marketing. A lot of digital marketers probably started with social media marketing.

This is because it involves selling to your mutuals like families and friends. A look at Corporate and Individual Social media accounts across platforms like FacebookTwitterInstagramTikTok, including Whatsapp, one form of marketing or the other is taking place.

With how effective social media marketing is, corporate businesses now invest in contracting “Social Media Influencers” to push their products and services. This is because they are believed to have the ability to influence social media users and convert them to customers.

·         Content Marketing.

As an element of digital marketing, it involves the advert of intangible products.

Content marketing is different from other forms of marketing because the physical products are not sold, yet, the patronage increases every day.

It usually involves the sale of information, which may come in several forms. Content marketing doesn’t usually appear promotional but does the work of proper promotion.

While sharing information, money is exchanged. Thus, making it a form of marketing.

·         Email Marketing. 

Everyone with an email address probably had come across this form of marketing.

While some are personalized, others are generic. Through email marketing, business owners try to convince prospective customers to usually follow a link that takes them to their website and take an action (Buy, Register, Contribute, etc).

·         Mobile Marketing.

Mobile marketing is becoming a thing today. This is because businesses understand that mobile devices are now a part of so many people’s life. People are more prone to open their mobile phones than PCs. The fact that so many things people do on the computer can now be done on the phone is another reason why businesses are taking advantage of this element.

Mobile marketing is usually more intimate to the customers compared to other forms. It does not also necessarily require the customers to have access to the internet connection.

This form of marketing takes place through customized calls, SMS, MMS amongst others.

·         Marketing Analytics. 

One interesting thing about digital marketing compared to the traditional form of marketing is that it is measurable and trackable. It works with facts and figures. And like they say, “figures don’t lie”.

Marketers today, have real-time results on the marketing content they put out. It is almost possible to know which campaign will succeed and will not.

Marketing Analytics also allows the business owner to go back to the drawing board and restrategize, even while the advert campaign is on, especially when it is not doing the required numbers.

It gives a real-time objective report of business activities, thereby making it easy to track the progress and make the decisions necessary.

What to do to start Digital Marketing? 

To launch a career in Digital marketing, you need to do your homework. The digital market, like every other serious career, cannot just be stumbled upon. A lot goes on behind the scene.

For intending digital marketers, proper attention must be paid to the following;

1.  Identify your market. 

The easiest way to fail in digital marketing is to try to satisfy every want. It is always advisable to identify your niche and improve on it.

When you identify your market segment, you understand your customers, their demography, their purchasing behavior, and you can use that to your advantage.

Doing this helps you to know what to sell, who to sell to, and how to sell.

2.  Identify goals and measure progress. 

This is also important as you build a career in digital marketing.

Identify your goals, work towards them and track their signs of progress. Effectively doing this ensures you know what to do and how to go about it, especially when things are about going south.

This skill also helps you to be proactive, and not reactive to market situations.

3.  Invest in your Digital Channels. 

As a digital marketer that intends to succeed, your digital channels must be up and running in real-time.

If your app, website, or procedure is known to be always stressful, not user-friendly, and frustrating, you will struggle with your conversion rate.

Customers will not hesitate to dump you for your competitor if your processes are tedious. It is therefore advisable to make your processes to be as seamless as possible.

4.  Start and improve.

Nobody got it all figured out at first. When you start your journey, you will make some errors. Do well to forgive yourself and move on. When you learn from those mistakes, you are likely not to repeat them.

If you wait till you have it all figured out before you hit the road running, you might not start at all.

Even when you think you now understand the trends, people change, situations change. So, even those who have been in business for a long are making discoveries every day. Hence, continuous learning. 

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