How to connect and network as a young career person

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Building a career does not end with just getting trained to become a professional in a particular field. It also has to do more with enlarging the coast of your career through the right network.

Your network is a circle that is made up of different individual that one or the other adds value to both your personal & professional life. These individuals can be people that you look up to be motivated and inspired through their knowledge, mentorship, friendship, expertise as leverage to reach various heights in what you do.

What you need to know about networking

When networking, you have to be specific with the type of people you connect with. This helps to avoid time and energy wastage. The appropriate networking needs to have a purpose and objectives before reaching out to the person (s) in question.

As someone who is building a career, you should avoid networking randomly, but instead, you should learn how to network with intentions and strategically with the right and relevant people. Before making up your mind to reach out, you should endeavor to have a value proposition because it will help determine the type of response and feedback that you will get in return.

Nobody is born with the skill of networking. Networking is one thing you have to learn and practice over time before you are good at it. Networking is easy and natural for some people, but some who are introverts might be needing templates to help them out.

Building network of people aims at making you tap into other people’s emotions and getting them to help you with whatever you have in mind.

Why do you need to network as a career person? 

It is clear to say that no man is an island. Whatever you are now is as a result of other person’s efforts and dedication. You cannot build and invest in yourself alone without the help and contribution of others. May I also remind you that an individual journey is usually slower and might take time before he/she can reach their destination, but when you have other people with you, it becomes a lot easier.

As a career person, you have desires to attain every height(s) that’s involved with your profession. Climbing the success ladder that will take you to these height (s) requires others pushing you up there . And this is where having a solid network of people works perfectly.

What is the importance of connecting with the right network? 

The relevance of networking cannot be unnoticed. Networking is a vital part of building a great career as a young person. Some of these importance includes;

  • Nobody knows it all. This is why having the right network will help you in directing you in the right step, information and process to take when you are clueless.
  • In whatever you do, if you need to progress and move forward, you need the right people to advocate for you especially in places that you cannot reach for the moment.
  • Things will not always go as smooth as you want them to be both in your personal & professional life, but with the right people around you, you can be able to pull through easily with little or no difficulty.

How and where to build the right network

Exhibiting networking in the wrong way might be perceived as sucking up to people without their consent. I am sure you would not want people to see you in such light. Most times, you are likely to mess up networking with the right people simply because you do not know how to build and create the right network for yourself. Do not worry about that again as I will be sharing the simple ways to network.

  1. Events:  The best ways of meeting and socializing with new people is by attending valuable events. Such events can be in place of; conference, seminar, training, programs etc., and these events can either be online/ offline. The good thing about these events is that you get to meet with people who have the same vision and goal as you have.
  1. Leverage online platforms:  social media (s) are one of the best places to network and reach out to the type of individual you admire. You can readily build a network on social media by engaging, supporting, cold messaging and sharing valuable content.
  1. Joining communities: Networking can be made simpler through joining communities and association. The purpose of these communities is for people to share their knowledge, opinions and information. And also interact and reach out to one another.

Having seen all networking as a young career person is concerned about and its importance. I would also love you to help out with other tips on how to connect and network.

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