How to handle Job rejection

How to handle job rejection
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Have you ever felt so disappointed to the point of giving up because every time you apply for a Job with hope and confidence that you get hired for the job, you only end up with a Job rejection mail? How do you handle job rejection when it happens to you?

Job rejection can be painful and hurtful. The constant “No” that comes with a job turn down if not handled well can break one down, leading you to doubt yourself and your abilities.

A job rejection doesn’t make you a failure. Job rejection should serve as a redirection for you. Redirection is a period and time you need to work on those negative feedbacks and turn them into a “Yes” for your next job application.

Passing through a job rejection stage can make you accumulate a lot of thoughts like “Could it be my resume? The interview questions I answered was not good enough?”. All these to figure out the reason why hiring managers keep on rejecting your applications.

How to view Job rejection 

The way and manner in which you view a Job rejection determine what you make out of it. Job rejection is part of the job searching process, and it is something every other person have experienced. 

In whatever you do, never allow job rejection to weigh you down but instead see it as a motivation that you need to continue to put yourself out there.

Ways to handle Job rejection 

Most times, people unknowingly allow job rejection to consume the better part of them because they lack the knowledge that will help them handle job rejection maturely. To deal with job rejection properly, these are some of the ways to sort it out;

  • Anticipate it, accept it and move on
  • Identify the problem and work on them
  • Seek for a community
  • Be kind to yourself
1. Anticipate it, accept it and move on.

You need to understand that getting a Job is a 50/50 thing. The outcome can be positive or negative. Being aware of this outcome would go a long way in helping you prepare your mind that anything can happen.

No matter how painful or disappointing a job rejection can be, understand that it is part of the job searching process. Job rejection can happen to anybody making it the more reason you should never allow yourself to swallow in regret. Accept it and find a way to get over it.

Being rejected at all means that you are putting in the effort to put yourself and your abilities out there, that can be enough reason for you to move on because whether you like it or not, there are still so many opportunities suitable for you. So cheer on and don’t suck over Job rejection.

2. Identify the problem and work on them.

There is always a reason for a job rejection. That’s the more reason you need to identify the cause of Job rejection.

Identifying the causes will help you to work and improve on those things that you are lagging. It only takes time and being observant to identify these problems. 

In some cases, you are free to ask the hiring manager through emails/ social media to give you feedback on why your application is unsuccessful. Seek possible ways and strategies in which your application can be impressive and outstanding next time.

3. Seek for a community.

If you are rejected constantly for Job offers, and it is affecting your confidence. The best thing you need to do is to take a break from applying for some time.

Sometimes if it is not working according to your plans and expectations, you seek communities where you can network with different people involving recruiters. Such communities will help you learn one or two things that you need to make your application more attractive.

You can also ask questions about the struggles and difficulties you face in the community, and be rest assured of the answers & assistance that you need.

4. Be kind to yourself.

Job hunting on its own is a full-time job, and it can be stressful & tiring. That is why you need to take it easy on yourself and try not to be too hard.

Being rejected for a job doesn’t mean that you are a failure instead, you should see it as a motivation to continue putting yourself out there because one day it will work out in your favour.

Be kind to yourself, know when to take a break and rest before continuing with the process.


A job rejection shouldn’t be a reason for you to give up, but a means for you to redirect your steps so that you will be able to avoid the same mistakes that you used to make during your application.

As a job seeker, we would love to hear how you handled job rejection and the different things you did to overcome it.

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