Project Management Program

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Project Management Program Overview

The demand for skilled project management practitioners in industry, academia, and the government is rapidly growing. The project management program is a game-changer.

So let expect project management to top the upcoming 230 million jobs in Africa by 2030 due to digitization.

What Should Be Expected From Project Management Program

The Skill Up’s project management program is designed to introduce the skill fellow to the practical and important aspect of project management from the beginning to the advanced knowledge. This program is led by industry experts and leaders working in top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook e.t.c, the program uses a project-based learning model to provide hands-on experience with the latest project management technologies.

This program will help you become indispensable in our tech-driven world. Your best course for career transformation in project management. This full-time Project Management bootcamp fe

Project Management Program

Week 1
Key Project Management concepts

In this module we define project and project management, and clarify the role of project managers. We introduce the phases of a project life cycle, and the key knowledge areas that are crucial to the project management process.

Week 2
Initiation phase

Initiation is where the project starts to take shape. The project team creates a plan to accomplish the objectives with the time and budget available. In this module we also look at key project documentation arising out of the initiation phase.

Week 3
The Planning phase

It’s time to plan the nuts and bolts of your project. In this module you’ll learn how to create a work breakdown structure, use tools such as Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams, and apply strategies such as managing expectations.

Week 4 - Week 6
Implementation and monitoring

It’s now time to get to work and put your plans into action. Establishing a baseline and monitoring progress are key aspects of this stage. Ensuring accurate reporting, as well as troubleshooting problems and issues as they arise, will enable a successful project completion.

Week 7 - Week 8
Closing the project

Learn web development techniques for making interactive website that use JSON to pass AJAX updates between the client and the server and Web APIs.

Week 9
Project Management (PM)

PM is a process by which a team can manage a project by breaking it up into several stages and involving constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at every stage. This clarifies the customer's expectations for the project team.

Week 10

Question and Answers session with project management professionals working in top companies in the world and in Africa like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, NASA, Apple e.t.c

Week 11 - Week 12

Software Engineering Skill Up fellow will undergo one or more projects that allows them solve community-based problems using the skills learnt above.

Week 13 - Week 16

JobAcquire is a 4-weeks dedicated job search program that uses YIEE job search strategies that lands job seekers' one or more jobs at the end of the program.

Mode Of

Virtual Learning

Join and collaborate with other students in virtual classes.

Problem-Solving Approach

Work on real-life projects by applying what you learn to solve related business and community problems.

Video Content

High-quality easy-to-comprehend video lessons. Curated by industrial professionals or Africans.

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