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Our mark can only be made with support gotten from YOU!!!

our needs

We are currently in need of the following amenities in order to propel our works among Nigerians and the world at large.

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Zoom Subscription

The zoom subscription package will help us continuously run training, hold webinars, how-to sections and many more that will reposition youths for the future of works and ensure they achieve their career dream.

We are in need of a 3-months zoom subscription to cover us throughout the course of Skill-Up Program.

Data Support

Data support for the incapacitated (those who are zealous about uplifting their skills) during the course of the training.

We'av selected 50 youths who loss their job due to covid19 and can't afford 400 naira for feeding daily. We need your support for their data coverage for 12-weeks.

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Donation Box

We need your support to accelerate our work in Nigeria and beyond. We cherish our supporters and givers. No matter how little, give into our work today!!!

Minimum payable amount NGN 500
* are compulsory
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