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UI/UX Design Program Overview

The demand for skilled UI/UX Design practitioners in industry, academia, and the government is rapidly growing. This UI/UX Design program is a game-changer.

So let expect UI/UX Design to top the upcoming 230 million jobs in Africa by 2030 due to digitization.

What Should Be Expected From UI/UX Design Program

The Skill Up’s UI/UX Design program is designed to introduce the skill fellow to the practical and important aspect of UI/UX Design from the beginning to the advanced knowledge. This program is led by industry experts and leaders working in top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook e.t.c.

The UI/UX training program is designed to give learners the required skills, knowledge and leverage needed to becomes designers in the technology industry. Your best course for career transformation in design. This full-time UX Bootcamp features expert instruction, one-on-one career coaching, and connections to top employers to get you hired.

UI/UX Design Program

Week 1
Understanding Users’ Needs

Understand techniques for conducting interviews for gaining insights on the user.

Week 2
Create Intuitive Experiences

Design layouts that can be easily navigated, understood and exciting for users.

Week 3
Market & Competitive Research

Learn how to carry out analysis of competitor design and present competitive results.

Week 4 - Week 5
Product Vision and Strategy

Understand the context for product design existence which guides the product design team.

Week 6 - Week 7
Develop Functional Prototypes

Learn to use leading tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Miro to create low-fi and high-fi prototypes.

Week 8 - Week 9
Defining Success Criteria

Identify usability problems and create designs that ensure the optimum user experience.

Week 10

Question and Answers session with UI/UX Design professionals working in top companies in the world and in Africa like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, NASA, Apple e.t.c

Week 11 - Week 12

Software Engineering Skill Up fellow will undergo one or more projects that allows them solve community-based problems using the skills learnt above.

Week 13 - Week 16

JobAcquire is a 4-weeks dedicated job search program that uses YIEE job search strategies that lands job seekers' one or more jobs at the end of the program.

Mode Of

Virtual Learning

Join and collaborate with other students in virtual classes.

Problem-Solving Approach

Work on real-life projects by applying what you learn to solve related business and community problems.

Video Content

High-quality easy-to-comprehend video lessons. Curated by industrial professionals or Africans.

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